I imagine a lot of the people who are going to be following me here are people I already know from eljay, but I imagine I may pick up a few new people as well. At any rate, even people who have known me a long time will probably find something they never knew here. Here is your entrance to my life in three parts: my "real life," fandom, and dreamwidth itself and what it means to me, including why I picked the new name and why it means so much to me.

This gets extremely wordy, so feel free to pick and choose the sections that look most interesting to you.

and for once the doors are open wide )

I had begun to dream of gardens[...]. In these fragmentary, fleeting dreams, I found myself walking in a garden I had never seen before, through strands of dark, twisted trees with small white flowers whose scent was as sweet as remembered joy; through rose gardens laid out in elaborate knots; through simple plots of herbs, whose names and properties I could, in my dreams, still remember. And everywhere the grass was dense and soft and heartbreakingly green. Sometimes I saw people--dim and vague like memories or ghosts--on the garden paths, but they were always far ahead of me, and I could never catch up with them.

This time, I find myself among the trees again. I step off the path to touch one; the trunk is hard and ridged beneath my fingers. The scent of the flowers seems to surround me like a cloud of peace. I wish that I could stay here forever.

Mélusine pg 118-119

This is what I like to call the Sam Vimes Philosophy of Coppering )

~ 2004 ~ 2005 ~ 2006 ~ 2007 ~ 2008 ~ 2009 ~

apparently I haven't actually posted here in a year. I keep meaning to change that, but as of right now I'm not making any promises. I SHALL TRY. that's all you can ask of me, yeah?
so, chat has decided to take over sbp aloud. we've got an organisation post over at [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_chat but I think it's going to be hard for us to cast the marauders and lily. it's a big job, we've got 20 chapters to do and several of them will need to be patched together with lots of little pieces, but if we need help I'm sure we can recruit some people from the cult. I definitely want chat to claim what we want first though, since it's our project now.

it's kind of close to my heart, this project, not just because I love podfic, not just because shoebox was my entry to fandom and thus particularly dear to me, but because I was in on it before it died to begin with. I was set up to read, and when [livejournal.com profile] fadagaski decided to pass the project on to someone else, I put my name up. She never did get me the files and instructions, and she has since lost them, but I always kind of felt like it was partly my fault that it died. It feels good to be giving it another go.
Okay I can already see that I have a double posting problem all over my flist, so I'm going to ask that anyone who plans to use LJ and DW as mirrors, please comment here so that I either take your LJ off my reading filters or take your DW off my subscriptions (you'll still be friended/have access in either case, no worries), so that I don't read twice. If you are disabling comments on one end or would rather get them on one site or the other, let me know so that I know which site to follow on.

For the record, I don't plan to cross post often, though obviously my last post was proof that I may do so occasionally. If you only want to follow me one place, I would recommend following me here, as it'll probably get more posting. I will still be following my flist filters on eljay, of course. idk how much I'll be posting there, but hopefully a little still. I never was one to update eljay a lot anyway.
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( May. 1st, 2009 11:46 am)
Maine likes what Vermont and New Hampshire are doing, and wants to join the party.

Like [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon says, whatever they've got in the water in New England, I like it!

This is a really exciting time to be a liberal American, watching the dominoes fall. Maybe it'll be enough to make up for all that we have to put up with in the meantime, until this movement truly sweeps the entire country with it. ♥
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( Apr. 30th, 2009 10:44 pm)
I have officially used my first invite to set up [personal profile] ahundredindecisions, the locked RL tl;dr version of my life, so if you are interested feel free to follow, but no obligation of course, I'm using it mostly for my own benefit. =)

So far everyone I know that wants an invite will get one through an openID account, but I am saving the rest of my invites in case someone fell through the cracks.
As soon as open beta starts and/or I get my hands on some invite codes, I'm going to register a second account, and I'm debating between a couple names. I've had the urge, lately, to write at great length about, well, everything, and I want to keep a personal flocked somewhat tl;dr journal for it. Once I get it set up I'll let you know what account name I end up with, in case you're interested. If not, don't worry about it, mostly I just want to ramble to myself. No need for an audience. =)
Last night was the last concert band performance of the year, and my final performance in Kobacker hall. I can't help but feel that this is very much an ending for me. I've given four years of my life to this school, to this music program, to that stage. I know I'll come back for other concerts (starting tonight, and not ending anytime in the near future), but I'll never play there again. I don't think I ever realised how much Kobacker had become a part of me until I was faced with the prospect of only seeing it from one side, for the rest of my life. I've run all over that hall, often barefoot, often outside of concert times. I've sat in the front row of the mezzanine watching our philharmonia and the TSO play Beethoven's fifth, I've lurked backstage while other groups played, waiting for my turn, I've almost passed out in the middle of rehearsal there. I've sat in the side arm of the mezzanine crying at a men's chorus concert. I've been there for endless band concerts, lots of choral concerts, been in the audience for many philharmonia concerts, been there for college convocation, with my cousin for music discovery day this year, with my mum and baby cousin for myself five years ago. I've waited in lines to get professors' signatures for recital attendance, I've ushered there. I've sat with my parents, with my friends, with Jess's parents, with strangers, by myself. It's a huge part of my life here, and I haven't even touched on Bryan recital hall, which is practically my living room, I've had so many classes there. Thursday will be my last rehearsal ever in our band room, and Monday will be my last class in our choral rehearsal hall. Today is my last game. I want to come back for a fifth marching season so badly, but I absolutely have to go.

Transferring is breaking my heart, but staying would have killed me. Either way, it's hard.
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( Apr. 25th, 2009 01:25 am)
It's really weird to think that I'll probably never play on Kobacker stage again. I didn't even think about the fact that this was my last concert at BG until my mother brought it up, but powers, I could barely hold myself together after it was over. I was shaking so hard, with the combination of the caffeine from the excedrin I had to take before it, the adrenaline, and the heartache from everything ending. Tomorrow is the spring football game, which I've never gone to before but I won't have another chance to go to a game and I really have to now. What breaks me the most is that I won't graduate from this school, so I probably won't qualify for alumni band. Why don't you just tear out my heart and stomp on it, eh? It would be kinder. =(
Today was the second time this semester that I had health problems flare up in the middle of my last rehearsal onstage before a band concert, though luckily I didn't almost pass out this time. That was distinctly unfun. Instead I got the braindeath and confusion of a migraine prodrome, and it was just weird. Anything that I didn't have a visual or physical grip on just wouldn't process in my brain; I miscounted measures of rest everywhere, even in Aegean Festival Overture with the cracked up time signatures where I could look at every measure as it happened, and I couldn't remember a key signature to save my life. Luckily I took a couple painkillers and killed the fucker before it got a good grip on me, so I should be fine for the concert tomorrow. I really should have realised it was coming with the light sensitivity over my lunch break, but it was really bright outside so I wasn't concerned. Which really is a perfect example of how I need to pay attention to what my body is telling me, and also to stay away from dairy, even more than usual, because my digestive system hates me.

You know, usually at this time of the semester I am freaking out about classes, but for some reason I seem to have pretty much nothing going on this time around (other than my body being angry at me in various ways). I can't say I'm upset about it, certainly.

Oh, also! My mother got me a babysitting gig for the summer, so I don't have to freak out so much about getting a job! \o/
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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 07:01 pm)
Waaaay back when fandom was first threatening to make a mass exodus from LJ to insanejournal, I registered [insanejournal.com profile] musicianatheart to reserve my name there. With the crossposting feature here, I figure I may as well set this to post over there as well, mostly just to create a mirror and to try out the crossposter. Well, let's see how it goes. =D
So, I finally got my invite yesterday, and now I'm here. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to use this, and I doubt that I'll just crosspost from LJ, because that totally doesn't sound like something I would take the time to do.

I was going to include an intro post about myself here, but it got way more wordy than I'd expected (which I totally should have seen coming), so I'll make it its own post in a day or so.

Hello to the dreamwidth world!


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